Remember to bring a waterbottle, towel and perhaps something to eat.

Find something that suits you and make reservations in calendar according to your choice.

Calendar contains some variations – so get to know which one you prefer.

Zwiftpower also contain details of clubs you can joine besides the various race and ride programs.

Some good groups to follow if New to zwiftclub: (Both with large groups of followers)

Other details regarding “ZeBRariders”

List of ZBR events?

FTP test for your group of friends?

Set new records? Get proper team feeling?

Who is the strongest?

Who shall be in front? Who is best suited to be in the back of the bus?

Find out the best balance to get everybody quickly to the finishing line.

Get the chain of command in order.

Be a mean lean pack!

Not into bikes? What about tanks? Coming soon.

Other usefull Things to know

Zwift User Manuals:…/s…/200993429-Zwift-Rider-s-Guide…/

Current Zwift status: Sometimes the plattform is just not working.
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